Lesson 1 – Introduction

The lessons are available as downloads so you don't have to scroll down for pages and pages to read them. The bullet points for each lesson are below each lesson's objective.


In Lesson 1, you'll begin by taking a look at the big picture - both how your successes have worked in the past, and what you'd like to accomplish in the next year - and you'll gather the supplies you need to continue.

  • Looking back at how you grew up, how you live now, and what you have accomplished will help you find the rhythms of goal setting and time management that work best for you. A part of your brain already knows what works best; it just has to be reminded.
  • Start a list of your goals for the year. Include everything in the first draft - everything. Start a list of all the things that are most likely to distract you from your goals.
  • Find a calendar to use to block out the year's "big picture" for project management purposes. Something big enough to put small sticky notes in the squares works best. Decide how you want to manage your day-to-day life. An electronic calendar might work best for that.
  • Consider sending a daily encouragement email to yourself. Or write something encouraging to yourself in your journal every day. Or encourage yourself and others in the Facebook group. The year needs to begin with getting your head in the right space, a positive space.


  • Lesson 1 Assignment 1: Write down the answers to the questions listed in the assignment in the PDF.
  • Lesson 1 Assignment 2: Every day, write yourself an encouraging note in the Facebook group or in a journal entry. Train your brain to be positive and expect success.

If you have questions about this lesson, email me.