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Self-Publish Your Book Checklist

Everything you need to know and keep track of in order to publish your book

The Checklist

You’ve got your manuscript edited and proofread, ready to upload.
 But what else do you need to know or decide before you self-publish?
This checklist will guide you in:

keeping track of the cover information, including specs for each distributor

making formatting choices for the various sections of the interior

choosing and organizing front and back matter

pricing, distribution, and more!

Are you ready to self-publish your book but don’t know what information you need to do so? Download the “Self-Publish Your Book Checklist” and get started on your self-publishing journey today!

About Kitty

Hi, I’m Kitty Bucholtz.

I started self-publishing in 2011 when we still used Microsoft Word to format ebooks. What a pain that was! Today, there are so many tools to help the self-published author and so much freely shared information among writers that publishing is super easy. But the information isn’t always super organized.

This checklist will help you collect everything you need and keep it all in one place. It will likely remind you of things you forgot or inform you of things you didn’t know you needed. My goal is to help you make your self-publishing journey a little easier.

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